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Catholic Charities Disabilities Services (CCDS), an agency of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany began serving people with developmental disabilities in 1984. We are one of the Greater Capital Region's leading providers of services to people with developmental disabilities.


  • CCDS Staff Person of the Year

    At the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany Annual Gathering we honored Rita Spearman as CCDS Staff Person of the Year.

    Serena House, named for Sister Serena Branson, opened in 1984 as a home for fourteen adults with developmental disabilities. There are currently three individuals who have lived there since the doors opened. Imagine what a comfort it is for those three individuals to see the same person, Rita Spearman, at the helm everyday of those thirty years!

  • Congratulations to Gary O'Brien, Catholic Charities Disabilities Services Volunteer of the Year.

    Since he joined the Board of Catholic Charities Disabilities Services (CCDS) in 2010, Gary has been a steadfast and tireless participant in a broad range of Board and agency activities. He currently serves as Vice-president of the Board, Chair of the Board’s Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee, and as a member of the Board’s Nominating Committee. Gary also serves as the Board’s representative on the CCDS Incident Review Committee and enthusiastically attends events for CCDS staff and individuals and families served by CCDS, including celebrations like “Oktoberfest” and “Family Day.”

    Gary has also served as a Trustee of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany and as President of the Catholic Charities AIDS Services Board.

    Gary is someone who can always be counted on to be there where he is needed – with a smile, a joke and an open hand and heart, and CCDS is proud to honor Gary as our Volunteer of the Year.

  • Catholic Charities Disabilities Services Achieves 4 Year Accreditation with the Council on Quality and Leadership

    Definition of Accreditation:  An objective, external measurement of the quality of services.

    It is our pleasure to announce that Catholic Charities Disabilities Services has achieved a four-year accreditation with the Council on Quality and Leadership.  This has been a year long journey culminating in an intense long week of demonstrating our quality and commitment to person-centered supports. 

    Thank you to everyone involved in our organization especially the individuals we support, our POM interviewers, our agency directors, associate directors, our Board of Directors, staff, families of the individuals we support, and to all of our stakeholders who were involved with us to prepare and guide us. 

  • CCDS 4th Annual Night at the Valley Cats

    On July 21, 2014, Catholic Charities Disabilities Services held its 4th annual Night at the Valley Cats. The event offered everyone in the CCDS community (individuals, staff, family, and friends) the chance to have a little fun together, while raising money for those in need. The game started out with CCDS’s own Leroy Hendrix throwing out the first pitch!
    Attendees not only enjoyed the game, which the Valley Cats won, but were treated to a picnic-style dinner, a souvenir Valley Cats cap, and a Johnny Evers bobblehead. Children in attendance even had the opportunity to meet some players and get autographs before the game.
    The CCDS Night at the Valley Cats helped to raise funds for the Families in Need (FIN) Fund. The FIN fund provides immediate assistance to individuals who have urgent unmet needs. Historically, it has offered a helping hand to individuals struggling to pay for utility bills, rent, food, clothing, and other necessities. With $10 of every ticket sold going to the FIN fund, this event was able to help raise $400 for families in need.

  • 2013 Annual Survey Results

    Who Responded…

    A total of 106 responses (or 16%) were received. The majority of respondents were parents of the individuals served. The majority of responses pertained to the service coordination program.

    What They Thought…

    The majority of responses were that services received in 2013 were better than expected. Comments related to services highlighted the importance of the individual staff member’s role in how a family or individual rates the service delivery.

    Individuals and families would like to see improvements in communication and connection to services The majority of responses were that staff demonstrated positive characteristics. The two areas which ranked the highest were “Responsive” and “Positive Attitude.”


  • Pepsi Employees Raise Money for World Down Syndrome Day

    CCDS eNews | May 2014

    March 21, 2014 marked the 9th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. To mark this anniversary, employees at the Pepsi Corporation in Latham, NY decided to play a part in increasing awareness of Down Syndrome and also collect money for a great cause. Bobby and his dad, who are both employed at Pepsi, took the lead in this endeavor and notified Bobby’s Service Coordinator, Brian Reilly, of CCDS of their intentions. On March 21st, Bobby and his dad, provided information on Down Syndrome and also provided an opportunity for the staff at Pepsi to donate to a collection to benefit individuals with disabilities and their families.


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