Family Support Services

Catholic Charities Disabilities Services (CCDS) offer Family Support Services to assist families who are caring for a relative with a developmental disability at home by aiding the caregivers and thereby, enhancing family stability and preserving family unity.

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  • Family Reimbursement Grant

    Family Reimbursement provides the possibility of purchasing Respite, Special Needs Respite, or Goods and Services that are not funded through any other source as long as prior approval has been obtained and the respite or goods/services have been deemed appropriate to meet the needs of the person being served.
  • Goods and Services

    Financial assistance is provided to families who are in need of respite services or funding for certain goods/services that are necessary to support the individual with the developmental disability. Because these funds are limited and very precious to so many families, it is expected that such funds requested through this grant cannot be provided through any other resource (Public Assistance, HEAP, etc.), and that the Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) has exhausted these possibilities.
  • In Home Behavioral Support Services

    This program will provide short-term behavioral consultation and in-home behavioral supports to families that have children or adults with developmental disabilities that reside at home, and who exhibit serious challenging behaviors.
  • Outreach Services

    CCDS has contracted with Catholic Charities of Fulton and Montgomery Counties (CCFMC) with a focus on the following areas:

    • Increasing relationship building, networking, and collaborative efforts with individuals, institutions, and leaders of the Hispanic community to increase awareness and acceptance of the supports of the Family Support Services grant and of the greater Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) system.
    • Identifying families with a child with a developmental disability who is in need of support.
    • Assisting families with a child with a developmental disability to submit an application for the grant that are in need of support.
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome Services (PWS)

    This program will serve individuals and families who live throughout New York State, providing needed support, advocacy, information and referrals.


    For more information on our Prader-Willi Syndrome Services, please download our PWS Brochure here.

  • Respite

    Financial assistance is provided to the family in order to offer a temporary break from the constant care required of a family member with a developmental disability who lives full time in the family home.
  • Special Needs Respite

    Financial assistance is provided to families who are in need of respite services and are caring for a family member with a developmental disability along with high behavioral or medical needs. The individual must reside full time in the family home. Special Needs Respite funds can be used in any of the following ways:

    • Increasing utilization of existing OPWDD Waiver Respite funds by supplementing the current pay rate
    • Providing an additional Respite staff person (2:1 staffing)
    • Employing a Family Support Services (FSS) Respite Provider at an increased rate
    • Phone consultation with a Behaviorist
    • Employing a Nurse

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If you are interested in learning more or have questions about FSS Respite, Goods and Services or Special Needs Respite, please contact Beth Cassidy, FSS Coordinator. 

For more information about In-Home Behavioral Supports please contact Corinne Berndt, In-Home Behavioral Supports Supervisor. 

Corinne Berndt
Corinne Berndt
Supervisor of Behavioral Supports
(518) 724-1826
Beth Cassidy
Beth Cassidy
Family Supports Services Coordinator
(518) 724-1788