January 2016

Person Centered Excellence Report, January 2016

January was another busy month for us.

Draft guidelines regarding agency approaches to handling risk and establishing safeguards for individuals was circulated. This document will be discussed by a group of interested staff in mid-February and if approved, will be moved to the Directors for further discussion.

The proposed agency standard for Health Care Decision Making was discussed at the Director level this month, and will be up for final approval in February.

Agency guidelines regarding the development and use of natural supports were finalized and are now being used to guide staff discussions on the topic.

Also in January, staff met with a representative of the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State to discuss staff training as part of our "Specialized Care Planning for the Elderly" imitative.

Finally, in January we again hosted a meeting of the CQL Community of Practice and held the monthly Residential Advisory Committee at the Glenbrook IRA.

Updates on our journey toward Person Centered Excellence