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Mary is an Occupational Therapist by training and was drawn to this field, and to our Board of Directors both by watching an aunt with Cerebral Palsy and serving as a child care provider for two children with special needs. She has worked with people who have physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges. She recognizes that many of these people have limited resources and cannot always advocate effectively for themselves.

Serving as a vital member of our Board, Mary brings to the table both a clinical perspective as an OT and the wisdom gained from a long history of service. She is not shy about asking probing questions and always makes us better. She understands the nature of our work, the challenges it presents, and is a fierce advocate for the people we serve and the staff who serve them.

Additionally, Mary serves on the Board of Education for the Troy City Schools and the Questar III BOCES, and is a former member of the Capital District Autism Society Board of Directors.

To celebrate her years of sage advice, friendship, and support, we are pleased to acknowledge Mary Marro-Giroux as our 2018 Volunteer of the Year.