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We are proud to have been voted a 2016 Top Workplaces honor by The Times Union. 2016 was our third year achieving this milestone.

The Top Workplaces are selected based solely on the results of an employee feedback survey administered by an independent entity, Workplace Dynamics, LLC, a research firm that specializes in organizational health and workplace improvement. There are strict benchmarks that the agency must meet in order to be selected. Doug Claffey, CEO of Workplace Dynamics stated, “Time and time again, our research has proven that what’s most important to them is a strong belief in where the organization is headed, how it’s going to get there, and the feeling that everyone is in it together.”

We believe that in order to provide quality services our employees must be engaged, educated, supported and feel valued by their employer. Being selected as a Top Workplace provides us with reassurance that our organizational health is strong. We are grateful to our employees for taking the time to fill out the surveys that gained us the recognition as a Top Workplace. The encouraging and constructive responses we received have been invaluable.  A selection of survey responses are listed below.

Catholic Charities Disabilities Services Employee Survey Responses

Question: The things I like most about my job at Catholic Charities Disabilities Services are:

"Everyone values the individuals and respects them.  Needs are met as an employee in a timely fashion."

"I know that it's the most common response, but it's true - the people with whom we work and the individuals we all work for are what makes CCDS so special.
We have a lot of fun while we work."

"The support I get to better help me do my job and help the people we serve."

"Not everyone can say that every day they get a chance to make people’s lives better.  Here we can, and we do it with others who are dedicated to the same purpose."

"The people I work with and the individuals I support"

"Providing/Coordinating much needed services"

"Flexibility to be in/out of office"

"Friendly supervisors"

"Advocating, Set-up – from an operational standpoint – different from other same-field agencies"


"What I like most about working at CCDS is the people who I get to work with; staff, individuals and the families."

"I love the feeling of helping the individuals with their services.  I also love working with the staff."

"The fulfillment of helping someone with disabilities feel and function more like a regular person brings joy.  To see their happiness is wonderful."

"Helping people achieve their goals"

"The individuals we serve.  I LOVE to work with them and do things that make a better quality of life for them.  They are the reason I’ve been here as long as I have.  I also enjoy working with my staff.  Cannot ask for a better group of people to work with.  They are as loving and caring for this job as I am."

"The people I get to work with.  The fact that every day is different.  I also enjoy being able to brighten someone’s day with laughter and fun.  I went to school to become a teacher.  At this job, I feel I have the ability to do just that."

"The flexibility to complete my job as needed"

"I know that it’s the most common response, but it’s true – the people with whom we work and the individuals we all work for are what makes CCDS so special."

"Flexibility, the people in my department, being able to help people"

"The opportunity to make a positive change in someone’s life.  The administration is supportive and the benefits are good."

"Working to assist individuals to reach their goals.  Being a part of the accomplishments that have been made over the past few years."

"Bringing awareness about our field to others through the recruitment process"

"My co-workers"

"Working with people who we serve.  I never worked with this population before and I am consistently amazed at how the individuals learn, grow, the uniqueness and individualism and just how dynamic they are, particularly emotionally."

"Things are different every day.  The job is equally challenging and rewarding and we are offered a unique opportunity to be part of one individual’s we serve lives in a way that allows us to empower them."

"Helping the people I work for and watching them accomplish their wants and needs."

"The high quality of services that we provide for those we serve even through these economic hard times.  I have always been proud to work at a place where the individual we serve get what they need when they need it."

"We have a lot of fun while we work"

"The things I like most about my job are: working with the clients, the great benefits"

"That there is such a positive environment and smiles on everyone’s face most days.  I like being up front and getting to chat with different people from all walks of life."

"Flexibility, benefits, paid time off, friendly and fun co-workers, the ability to follow one of my passions"

"My coworkers – everyone is helpful and willing to help each other"

"The people I work with are amazing.  The individuals I support. The family environment within the agency"

"The work that I am doing is helping others"

"Meeting individuals and families and sometimes just sitting and chatting with them is a reminder (when there’s office stress), of why I’m here."

"The guys!!! I like being a part of the best department :)"

"I like the fact that my efforts have a positive result on the lives of the individuals we provide services to.  I would much rather make a positive impact on our community than focus my energies on generating a profit."

"The positive “can do” attitude of the staff."

"We take our work very seriously but we still have fun each day."

"The commitment and dedication of the employees."

"Everyone values the individuals and respects them.  Needs are met as an employee in a timely fashion."

Question: I am proud to tell people that I work for Catholic Charities Disabilities Services because:

"Working for an agency that services individuals with disabilities is hard work but when we are out in the community I am proud to represent the company.  I also enjoy being able to show others what we do to make the individuals happy."

"CCDS consistently offers personalized and high quality services."

"Catholic Charities Disabilities Services treats everyone we serve with dignity and respect. They always come first in everything we do."

"I am proud of the work we do with our clients to improve their lives."

"We are a mission driven agency that provides excellent supports to those we serve."

"We do great things."

"They realize I am not chasing money."

"I get to advocate for individuals and continually learn."

"The agency is one of the top workplaces to work for and well known in the community to provide a vast array of services"

"I am proud to tell people that I work at CCDS because of all the good work that we do and the dedication of the staff that are employed here."

"The staff is very easy going and can make you feel at home."

"Other people will then know that Catholic Charities cares what is happening with those that are disabled and so do I.  And that there is always room for one more to help out!"

"We are a wonderful agency that has core values and have staff that truly care about the individuals we serve."

"We help people"

"Catholic Charities is like my second home.  You can really grow with this agency and they really care about their staff and will work with them.  The “open door” feel…I don’t think you can get that at many workplaces.  It’s really a great place to work and feel good at the end of the day that you did a great think helping make lives better for those that people have forgotten about."

"I love where I work and finally have a job that I feel like I make a difference at.  I feel a real purpose doing what I do."

"I love to promote their good name with the services that they render!"

"CCDS consistently offers personalized and high quality services."

"Because of all the good things the agency does"

"Because CCDS is a great organization filled with people that truly care about the people we serve."

"We make a difference"

"We do meaningful work on a level that matters: a person’s life."

"Because of the great work we do for those we serve."

"We help people take next steps in their lives and live a higher quality of life."

"It’s self-rewarding, I take pride taking care of people with special needs being their body out in the community."

"Our name is synonymous with quality.  When you tell someone you work for Catholic Charities, they know that you are providing quality services."

"We provide quality supports and services by following our mission"

"We have a long standing reputation for excellence in both resident care and employee recognition.  I would have recommended our agency to individual and their families I know and care for that are in need of services.  I strongly believe that people would be hard-pressed to find an agency that will work as hard as they can for the people they serve.  And I feel confident that they will receive the best we can offer."

"Catholic Charities Disabilities Services treats everyone we serve with dignity and respect.  The individuals always come first in everything we do."

"I tell people that I work at CCS because of the great benefits, like PTO, health insurance, raises, and bonuses."

"We are helping some of the people who need it the most."

"The work we do"

"We treat the individuals we work with, with dignity and respect, and provide exceptional services to those that need it most."

"We are able to help those that need services and we encourage them to speak up and advocate for themselves"

"I genuinely believe we make a difference in the lives of those we serve"

"We have a great reputation within the community"

"We are the #1 agency!"

"We provide quality services."

"We believe in our mission."

"The values that our agency stand for, helping the individuals we support and that our agency is a very family oriented workplace."

"We have the most caring direct support professionals. Our administration is committed to doing what is best for individuals even if it doesn’t make the most fiscal sense."

"Catholic Charities is a well-known organization that has a reputation for providing quality services to some extremely deserving individuals.  I am proud of the people I work alongside with and the passion we put forth regarding our mission."

"The agency has a long, strong history of providing quality services."

"I am proud of the people I work beside each and every day."

"Working for an agency that serves individuals with disabilities is hard work but when we are out in the community I am proud to represent the company. I also enjoy being able to show others what we do to make the individuals happy."

Question: What are three things you think Catholic Charities Disabilities Services does well?

"1. Respect the individuals 2. Respect employees 3. Willing to talk through any issues/problems that may arise and come to a common agreement."

"1. CCDS provides high quality, personalized services. 2. CCDS is a good employer. 3. CCDS plans ahead to meet upcoming challenges."

"Person-centered thinking, recognizing staff achievements, offering opportunities for staff development*

"1. Focuses on the client 2. Great interaction with in department. 3. A lot of options."

"Provides person-centered excellence, Supports staff in multiple non-traditional ways (tuition reimbursement, loans, etc), We truly try to have an open door policy"

"Outreach, Organizing, Communication, Food & Events"

"Fundraise, Take difficult cases, Work with the system"

"Advocating, Person centered planning"

"Training – internal/external, Service provision, Excellent customer services"

"Promote from within, benefits, and support the individuals that we serve"

"Flexible hours, job stability, supervision of staff"

"1.Keeping everyone informed about jobs and opportunities within the company 2. Having social events that include both clients and employees 3. Regular paid workshops and reviews to keep employees in the know"

"Meeting clients’ needs, Provide great benefits to staff, Help families in need"

"1.Care for the individuals that we serve, 2.Care for the staff and the avenues that are there to excel 3. Incentives"

"The supervisors and staff are very supportive to community habilitation counselors, Communication, Makes a difference in the lives of the people we work with."

"Mentor, train & facilitate"

"Job flexibility.  Having the tools to do my job, and support from administrators."

"CCDS provides high quality, personalized services. CCDS is a good employer. CCDS plans ahead to meet upcoming challenges."

"Doing fun events, Flexible hours, Having admin mtg so people are informed"

"Benefits are good, Flexible and understand when people go into crisis mode. Holiday giving program is awesome"

"Treats everyone with dignity, shows respect for all, concern & appreciation"

"Christmas, Care of the individuals we serve"

"Promote within, host events that include the entire family, Holiday Giving"

"1.Finding staff, 2. Providing financial support to help individuals live better QOL, 3. Benefits (health/dental/CLT)"

"Look out for their employees in any situation, Always give bonus whenever there is surplus budget, Warm and friendly personalities"

"We do very well serving dually diagnosed individuals.  We also do an excellent job in facing any new challenges head-on.  Our PW supports are strong as well."

"Provide quality supports to challenging individuals. Recruit and hire qualified staff. Flexibility and understanding and supportive of staff’s situations"

"Provide for the individuals in a supportive and meaningful way. Retain employees – we have a great many very long-term employees! Almost unheard of in this field! Advocate on the local and state level for both consumers and employees."

"Person-centered thinking, recognizing staff achievements, offering opportunities for staff development"

"They accept you as you are and go out of their way to make you feel a part of a great team and workforce; They ask of how they can improve so that staff can always keep learning in areas that they may be lacking. ie: excel, power point, office etc,.  They are fair and help to do what they can to keep u as a valued employee."

"Works hard to take care of individuals in our houses, Mentor others, Train others to take care of consumers"

"Serve Individuals, Flexible time-off, Good pay"

"Appreciate staff, Provides exceptional services to individual we serve, Offer promotions"

"Advocating for individual rights, Hire great staff, Appreciating their staff"

"An open dialogue culture – employee know they can talk to anyone, up to the exec. Dir, and have a voice, Fun, employee friendly environment, 

"Employee appreciation/recognition through parties and such. Giving back to the employees through bonuses when there are extra funds.  Offering excellent, and affordable, benefit options, generous CLT accruals as well as the HRA."

"Providing the highest quality of service, Supports their employees, Creates a family type work environment."

"They are warm & friendly, family oriented and flexible if need be."

"Fun committee – to help w/ morale, Flexibility – taking into account our busy personal lives, Communication – within the agency"

"These gatherings for time to have respite within the office – builds morale"

"Push people to be more independent – skill developing, CQL initiative, Trust the leadership to make decisions"

"Maintains a true open door policy regarding management, Genuinely cares about our mission statement and the importance of what we do. The ability to change direction in response to environmental occurrences that require immediate adjustment."

"CCDS recognizes the dignity and human worth of every individual served. CCDS staff go out of their way to help individuals, families and employees succeed."

"Respect the individuals, Respect the employees, Willing to talk through any issues/problems that may arise and come to a common agreement"