Agency News

Congratulations, Jim O’Herien!

Shortly after joining the Quality Assurance team, Jim O’Herien was selected to pursue the credentials to become certified as a Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention (SCIP) trainer for CCDS.

The purpose of the training is to give staff the tools they need to help individuals they support through difficult or emotional days, in a safe and supported way. Over the last year Jim has been co-training with Rowena Smith, Quality Assurance Manager/Trainer, and on February 3, 2015, Jim became certified by OPWDD.

SCIP-R is based on proactive approaches to help the staff keep our individuals safe and to promote our individuals to maintain their own self-control during challenging behaviors. SCIP-R is taught with lecture and a physical intervention component. The lecture consists of exercises and class participation to give the staff the tools they will need when dealing with challenging behaviors. The physical intervention component teaches staff different types of techniques that are safe for the individuals and the staff. During the training it is emphasized that the physical interventions are the last resort when assisting someone with a challenging behavior.

Jim is looking forward to assisting the staff in promoting a positive atmosphere for the individuals we serve.