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Catholic Charities Disabilities Services offers a comprehensive array of services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. We provide support to individuals and families to meet their needs, personal goals, and aspirations. We do our very best to provide, find, or create the opportunities they need and request.

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  • Catholic Charities Disabilities Services' dedicated team of Service Coordinators will assist you in determining what services you may be eligible for and how to access them.

    Service Coordination services assist persons with developmental disabilities and their families in gaining and maintaining access to services and supports appropriate to their needs. Service Coordination services are provided by qualified service coordinators and use a person-centered planning process in developing, implementing, and maintaining an Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

  • Self-determination is an idea that came from people with developmental disabilities and their families who wanted more control over their supports and services. While you can be self-determined in many ways, one way is through an option offered by OPWDD called consolidated supports & services (CSS).

    Self-directed individualized support, often referred to as consumer-directed services, is a practice that emowers the individual to assess their own needs.  Consolidated Supports Services is an opportunity for an individual to manage their own staff using Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver funding.

    For further information please contact Susan Kittle, Director of Service Design and Innovation at (518) 783-1111, ext. 1227 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    • It's about personal choice

      People with their Circle of Support, decide what they want to do and they identify the supports they will need. Together they decide who to interview and hire to assist them, and they provide training to those they hire. They arrange their own service schedules. This is often called self-directed services. Catholic Charities has assisted many individuals and their families with obtaining more self-directed services.

    • Enrollment

      To enroll in consolidated supports & services (CSS), an individual will have to have a clear idea about his or her major life goals. You should know how, where, and with whom you want to live, what work, volunteer, or other activities interest you, how you want to spend your free time (days, nights, weekends). Self-Determination is best-suited for individuals and families who are willing to take on more self-direction, more control of their lives and more responsibility. Interested in learning more? Please contact Susan Kittle, Director of Service Design and Innovation at (518) 783-1111, ext. 1227 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


    • Circle of Support

      A circle of support is made up of people in your life that you trust and that you can depend on. Next, with the help of your circle, you develop a person-centered plan that tells what you want to do, identifies the supports and services you need, and creates an individualized budget to pay for your supports and services.

    • Start-Up Brokers

      Funds are available to pay for someone to help you with the application process. These people are called "Start-Up Brokers". Catholic Charities Disabilities Services has Start-Up Brokers on staff to help you. For information on self-directed services or on how you can get a Start-Up Broker through Catholic Charities Disabilities Services, you may contact Susan Kittle at (518) 783-1111, ext. 1227.


  • Community Supports Services are provided by our experienced staff to individuals either in their home or in the community. We work with the individual and the family to develop a unique plan designed to assist in building life skills such as:

  • Caring for an individual with disabilities requires an abundance of time and energy on the part of parents, siblings, or other caregivers who sometimes need a break. Our respite supports can provide the relief needed or help to cover vacations, illness, or an emergency.  Respite is available for individuals with disabilities of any age.

  • Catholic Charities Disabilities Services provides residential care in a number of settings throughout the Capital District region.

    Catholic Charities Disabilities Services offers a range of community living residential opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. We offer residential and clinical supports and services to individuals in certified residences including Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs) and Residential Alternatives (IRAs) both offering 24-hour support.

  • Catholic Charities Disabilities Services has provided services for individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome for over a decade.

  • Catholic Charities Disabilities Services (CCDS) offer Family Support Services to assist families who are caring for a relative with a developmental disability at home by aiding the caregivers and thereby, enhancing family stability and preserving family unity.

  • Catholic Charities Disabilities Services is one of the area's leading providers of service coordination and clinical services to individuals with traumatic brain injury.

    Services provide assistance and education to help a survivor with reintegration into community life. The services are tailored to help the individual regain their independence.

    For more information please contact Marissa VanDenburgh, Associate Director of Service Coordination at (518) 783-1111, ext. 1354 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


  • Self-Directed & Individualized Supports

    Catholic Charities has developed a day initiative for people who are interested in having an individualized community based day experience with a focus on vocational mentorship.



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